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Licensing Committee
Tuesday, 11th March, 2014 7.30 pm

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Declarations of Interest

Councillors’ declarations of interest (if any) in relation to any matters on the agenda.




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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 14 January 2014.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 14 January 2014 are agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising


(a)  Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 – Implementation of the Act and Scheme of Delegation

(Minute 32(a) Refers)


Appreciation was recorded for staff who had arranged for excellent training on this subject, which had been well- attended by members of the Licensing Committee and other Councillors.


(b)  Food Safety Act 1990 Service Plan 2013/14

(Minute 32(b) Refers)


It was noted that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) was keeping the experience of authorities in Wales under review, where the devolved administration had recently made it a requirement for establishments to display their food hygiene rating on the premises.


In the meantime, although local businesses’ ratings were currently available on the Council’s website, the Committee suggested that businesses in the town should also be encouraged to display their ratings on their premises voluntarily.


            RESOLVED that


(i)            The findings of the FSA on review of experience in Wales of establishments displaying ratings are reported back to this Committee;


(ii)          A press release is issued to highlight the availability of food hygiene ratings via the Council’s website;


(iii)         Consideration is given to including an article in Harlow Times on establishments which have achieved ‘five star’ rating.


(c)  Committee Work Plan

(Minute 34 Refers)


It was noted that the outcome of the report on the licensing of ‘A’ Boards, which would be considered by the Cabinet on 13 March 2014, would be reported back to this Committee.


(d)  Matters of Urgent Business – Private Hire Services

Minute 39(a) Refers)


It was noted that, since the intervention by the Licensing Team, no evidence of touting had been reported.


Written Questions and Petitions




Committee Work Plan pdf icon PDF 25 KB


The Committee received the Work Plan, which would be carried over into the new municipal year.


Following a recent car accident involving a pedestrian in a bus lane in Harlow, the Committee discussed the position of the Council (as the Licensing Authority) on the question of the use of bus lanes by Private Hire Vehicles.  It was agreed that, in the first instance, the Licensing Officer would raise this issue with the relevant Harlow County Councillor.     


            RESOLVED that


(a)  the Committee’s Work Plan is noted;


(b)  an update on the discussions with the relevant Harlow County Councillor regarding Harlow bus lanes is added to the Work Plan.


Scheduling of Sub-Committee Hearings: Update pdf icon PDF 22 KB

Additional documents:


Further to Minute 37 (14/1/14), the Committee received a progress report on the arrangements for scheduling Licensing Sub-Committee meetings.


RESOLVED that the proposed timetable and arrangements for Sub-Committee hearings, set out in Appendix A to the report, are approved (subject to there being no clashes with meetings scheduled in the Council Diary).


Consultation on Fees under the Licensing Act 2003 pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report on the Government’s consultation on proposals to replace the nationally set fee scale with fees set locally by each licensing authority.


Councillors considered their response to this consultation.


RESOLVED that the Chairman of the Licensing Committee is requested to write to the Home Office representing the Committee’s views in response to the consultation, which (using Appendix 4 to the report as guidance) were as follows:-


Question 1 – Don’t know - require more information on possible alternatives.

Question 3 – Agree.

Question 5 – Agree – dependent on practicalities and affordability of monitoring.

Question 7 – Agree.

Question 9 – Agree.

Question 11 – Agree.

Question13 – Agree – would require periodic review and adequate resources.

Question 15 – Agree.

Question 16 – Agree.

Question 17 – Include local theatres, schools, community premises, hotels.

Question 18 – No.

Question19 – Don’t know – scale of problem unknown.

Question 21 – Agree.

Question 23a – Agree.

Question 23b – Disagree.

Question 23c – Disagree.

Question 23d – Agree.

Question 25a – Disagree.

Question 25b – Agree.

Question25c – Disagree.

Question 26 – Agree.

Question 27 – Disagree.

Question 28 – Insufficient information to comment.


References from Other Committees

Any references arising from meetings held after the publication of this agenda will be circulated separately.




Matters of Urgent Business

Such other business which, in the opinion of the Chairman, should be considered as a matter of urgency by reason of special circumstances to be specified in the minutes.