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Improve and maintain the Skatepark!

We the undersigned petition the council to We would like the Skatepark to become a social centre for a multitude of diverse art forms and hobbies; in order for this to happen we would like to make the following suggestions: -Bring back the availability of lighting at all hours via the button (which doesn't work) -Install benches or other seating areas -Allow and regulate graffiti art to a certain standard (no explicit material/murals and pieces only) -Bring back events for the skatepark (e.g. Harlow urban games) -Repairs and consistent maintenance of the park in general (chunks missing from floor, cracks, dented coping etc.) -Replacement of the stair rail -Extension of the park to allow a more diverse skill range of skaters

The skatepark is already a solid and supportive community for many young people in Harlow, however it is not without it's downfalls. We believe that with the right improvements, the Skatepark could really live up to it's full potential as a safe space for a hugely diverse range of people, both young and old.

Firstly, we strongly feel that having all night lighting will benefit many people as often times, people like to skate all day and well into the night. it also means that it would be safer for everybody, including the general public who may be walking through the park late at night.

More often than not, there is people sitting in inappropriate places at the skatepark (such as the box or on banks). This means it is both difficult for people to skate and also dangerous for everybody involved. If we were provided with some kind of seating such as metal benches, it would give parents and people who aren't skating a safe place to sit.

We very strongly believe that Graffiti is a valid and important form of art. Skateparks are traditionally always covered with graffiti and ours is no different, therefore we feel that it would be of more benefit to the council to support and regulate this art form, as opposed to wasting money trying to combat something that is inevitable. We feel that if the Skatepark were to become a place where people could create unique art pieces and come together within the closely linked skating community it would give even more diversity to the local area and give young people somewhere to express themselves in any way they want. The provisions for this would be that there are no explicits or inappropriate pieces, no tags or throw-ups and only pieces and murals allowed. These provisions would be regulated and supervised by the very regular users of the skatepark who care about this community and area, including myself.

Many people reminisce of the Harlow Urban Games, we feel that if some sort of events or competitions were to be held at the skatepark again it would breathe life into the area and also excite and engage what could be an even more vibrant community.

Many parts of the skatepark are falling apart, to be frank. Lots of the ramps and quarters have big chunks of concrete missing, huge cracks in the floor, lots of the coping is dented and cracked. These things are dangerous. We feel that given how many people use this park daily, including lots of small children, it is imperative that action is taken against these hazards before somebody is seriously hurt.

The last thing we would like to ask for, is an extension of the skatepark. This would allow for a lot of different obstacles to provide a wider range of skill level riders with a suitable environment to practise their art form. This also means that there would be more space for very young riders to learn, with less risk of hurting themselves or others.

Overall we believe that the Skatepark is a very important place within the young community. It provides a place not only to skate, but to make friends, socialise, learn new skills, make art, have fun and for many young people it is a place to escape the stress of daily life and forget about problems. Therefore if the skatepark was to be properly improved and maintained, it would create an enriching space which would encourage young people off of the streets where they might otherwise end up committing antisocial behaviour and are also very vulnerable. We feel that the Skatepark has been neglected and with a little bit of care it could once again live up to it's full potential of being a fun, open and safe space for everyone to enjoy.

This ePetition ran from 24/11/2019 to 03/04/2020 and has now finished.

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