Agenda and minutes

Harlow Local Highways Panel
Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013 7.00 pm

Contact: Joel West 

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Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed all attendees to the meeting.


Apologies and declarations of interest




Opportunity for public speaking pdf icon PDF 17 KB


A member of the public had submitted a written question (attached) and

was in attendance to address it to the Panel. A response was provided as follows:


John Curry, Harlow & Stort Valley CTC


The Chairman thanked Mr Curry for his question. David Sprunt and Rissa Long, Essex County Council, advised that the Council undertakes regular reviews of speed limits, and the last review found limits in Harlow to be generally appropriate.


Some members of the Panel agreed with the sentiment of the question and its proposed actions. Other members of the Panel felt it would not be appropriate to apply a blanket policy on speed limits; that it would be better to consider individual areas on their own merits. Councillors suggested areas they felt should be prioritised for speed limit reviews including Tye Green, Brays Grove, Rye Hill Road and Katherine’s Way. RL agreed to provide the Panel with data relating to recent speed surveys in Harlow. The Panel indicated that the evaluation report of a 20mph speed limit scheme recently piloted in Chelmsford would also be very useful. Both Officers and members of the Panel advised that evaluating enforcement capacity was a critical element in any decision to adjust speed limits.


RL advised that £1,050 had already been allocated for five speed surveys in 2013/14 and suggested the Panel may wish to specify sites arising from discussion around Mr Curry’s question.


RESOLVEDthat the speed surveys to which funding has already been allocated (as referenced on page 20 of the agenda pack) be undertaken (i) in the vicinity of local schools, and (ii) along Katherine’s Way.


Harlow District Councillor, Muriel Jolles


The Chairman announced that Councillor Jolles had submitted a question to him directly via email concerning parking at Manor Road, Old Harlow. Councillor Jolles was present to introduce her question, and informed the Panel that some residents of Manor Road felt their parking options to be restricted as a result of a recent parking control scheme and asked whether a permit arrangement could be implemented to mitigate this. Councillor Phil Waite, Harlow District Council Portfolio Holder for Environment, advised that this scheme had previously been considered at the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP), but had not been agreed for progression. He advised it may be possible to resubmit a bid to NEPP. He also advised the permit scheme could possibly be realised more quickly if the residents concerned agreed to contribute to its implementation costs. The Chairman reminded all attendees that the Harlow Local Highways Panel did not have remit to consider parking issues directly.


RESOLVED that Old Harlow Ward Councillors contacted the affected residents of Manor Road to seek their opinion of contributing toward the cost of a parking permit scheme in the area and liaise with Joe McGill to determine the most appropriate solution.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 75 KB


RESOLVEDthat the minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2013 are agreed as a correct record.


Matters arising


Further to Minute 11: Harlow District Councillor Mike Garnett sought an update on the extension to the 30mph speed limit on Hobbs Cross Road. RL advised that the extension would be implemented shortly.


Update on Schemes Approved 2012/13 pdf icon PDF 114 KB

Additional documents:


The Panel received a report from Essex County Council on the status of minor schemes previously approved by the Panel for 2012/13. RL provided some further updates on several of the listed schemes, including dates of installation for several items. She advised that the projected costs of several schemes were now known with greater accuracy and that, in several cases, it would be necessary for the Panel to agree further funds to ensure the projects could be completed.


In relation to the scheme ‘Minor – design works for scheme to relieve safety and congestion concerns within Harlow’ (page 14 of the agenda pack), JM announced that further design work has been undertaken on a scheme to reduce parking congestion along Tendring Road (east). The scheme will ensure that at least 50 cars can be parked off-road, will include several disabled bays, and will result in approximately 20% of current grassed areas being lost.


RESOLVED that additional funds are approved for 2012/13 schemes as identified in Table 1.


Table 1 – Additional funds approved for 2012/13 schemes


Funds previously approved

Additional funds approved 3/9/13



Zebra crossing between Davenport and Kiln Lane on Lane End in Church Langley



£10,000 contingency approved to ensure work can continue if cost estimates increase.


extend the 20mph speed limit on Manston Road out to include Netteswell Rectory



Additional £7,000 approved for unforeseen costs of lighting improvements to signage in the vicinity, expected to increase the total cost to approximately £12,000.


2 x VAS signs for Old Road, Old Harlow



Additional £4,000 approved to meet cost increase.


Chevron sign for  Churchgate Street at the junction with Sheering Road



Additional £900 approved to meet cost of installing two new posts to support the sign.


VAS sign for Parsloe Road



Additional £2,000 approved to meet cost increase.


Money allocated for generic works outside schools with safety concerns



Additional £9,000 approved to meet cost increase.







Update on Schemes Approved 2013/14 pdf icon PDF 51 KB


The Panel received a report from Essex County Council on the status of minor schemes previously approved by the Panel for 2013/14.


The Panel made a number of comments regarding the condition of signage, parking aprons and road humps around the Town. DS advised that the Panel has no remit for maintenance; it can only consider new schemes. He suggested that Councillors report any concerns with conditions or defects with highways directly to the County Council. However, some members of the Panel voiced their dissatisfaction with this service as they had reported defects which had not been rectified several years later. RL advised that Highways Rangers can rectify some of the defects mentioned if they are reported using the method listed in Item 8, page 21 of the report pack.


Potential Schemes List pdf icon PDF 49 KB


The Panel received a report from Essex County Council which included several proposed minor schemes for inclusion in Harlow’s 2013/14 capital allocation. The report advised that additional scheme suggestions are encouraged.


Councillor Phil Waite, Harlow District Council Portfolio Holder for Environment, advised that the Community, Citizenship, Regeneration and Environment Overview Working Group would be carrying out a Town-wide parking review in October 2013 which would likely result in new suggestions for 2013/14 schemes. He recommended that the Panel retain sufficient funds to ensure schemes proposed by the Overview Working Group can be considered at future meetings.


Essex County Councillor Tony Durcan proposed a scheme to review signage in and around Harlow Town Centre. The Panel agreed that funding be approved for a study to look at the suitability and appropriateness of current signage and to understand any further work that is needed to provide improved signage for Harlow Town Centre. It was recommended that the study also explore options for pedestrian signage, and for signs directing to local places of interest such as shopping hatches, Enterprise Zones, Princess Alexandra Hospital etc.


The Panel agreed that, due to a history of non-compliance with speed limits on the road and the location of St James’ Primary School at its northern end, the installation of a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) on Rye Hill Road should be pursued. The requirement for a prior speed survey was noted, and revenue funding approved (see Minute 20).


RL also proposed two further schemes for inclusion in the 2013/14 allocation, which the Panel had indicated support for in previous years.




A         The proposed 2013/14 schemes as listed in the report submitted, totalling £26,000, are forwarded for Cabinet sign-off


B         Four additional schemes also be forwarded, as detailed in Table 2.


Table 2 – additional schemes forwarded for sign off 2013/14


Funds approved


General signage review in Harlow.


For a study to explore signage options.

Barriers nr. Synagogue, Northbrooks, Harlow.


Proposed by RL from historical Panel consideration.

Feasibility study for bollards for footway, Ram Gorse, Harlow.


Proposed by RL from historical Panel consideration.

VAS Sign, Rye Hill Road, Harlow.


Progression of scheme subject to results of speed survey at this location (see Minute 20).






Highways Rangers Report (for information) and revenue expenditure items pdf icon PDF 50 KB


The Panel received a report from Essex County Council on the Highways Rangers Service. Councillors were encouraged to report highways related defects to ECC by sending an email to the address listed on the report


The Panel expressed some confusion on the exact role of Highways Rangers. RL advised that, although Rangers were capable of carrying out a wide-range of maintenance/rectifications along the highway (excluding pothole repair), it is necessary for residents/local councillors to first report/request the specific service. However, members of the Panel had previously understood that Rangers actively patrol to discover highways defects.




A     the report is noted.


B    an additional £210 be included in the 2013/14 revenue allocation for a speed survey on Rye Hill Road.


Capital Maintenance Programme (for information) pdf icon PDF 64 KB


The Panel received an information report from Essex County Council on scheduled capital maintenance to highways in Harlow in 2013/14. RL advised that up to date information on capital maintenance can be found on Essex County Council’s website .


RESOLVEDthat the report is noted.


Major Capital Schemes and Section 106


DS provided a verbal report on a major capital scheme to improve Burnt Mill Roundabout. The scheme includes reducing the size of the inner roundabout to allow for widening the lanes on the roundabout and on its approaches. A toucan crossing will be installed on the A414/Fifth Avenue to enable pedestrians to cross from Harlow Town Railway Station to Elizabeth Way. Work on the scheme is expected to start in late September 2013 and be completed by January 2014.


Dates of next meetings

September 2013

November 2013

February 2014


In a change to the previously advertised date, the Chairman advised that the next meeting of the Panel (previously set for 7 November 2013) will now take place at 10am on Thursday 28 November 2013, in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre.


Any other business


Harlow District Councillor Tony Hall thanked David Sprunt for attending a recent meeting of the Potter Street Residents’ Association.