Agenda and minutes

Harlow Local Highways Panel
Tuesday, 18th February, 2014 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre. View directions

Contact: Joel West 

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Apologies and declarations of interest


Apologies of absence were received from Harlow Councillor Phil Waite.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 58 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 28 November 2013 are agreed as a correct record.


Update on matters arising from meeting of 28 November 2013


Rissa Long provided updates on several of the matters previously discussed at the last meeting of the Panel, on 28 November 2013. Further to Minute 27 – Opportunity for Public Speaking – Rissa advised that (i) the results of the speed survey along Priory Avenue, Old Harlow had shown the average speed along the road to be 27mph and therefore the road does not meet current criteria for installation of a vehicle activated sign (VAS), and (ii) the reported blocked drain along Tendring Road (west) has now been repaired and is draining effectively.


Opportunity for public speaking pdf icon PDF 17 KB


A member of the public had submitted a written question (attached) and was in attendance to address it to the Panel. A response was provided as follows:


Mr John Wright, Waterhouse Moor Residents Association


The Chairman thanked Mr Wright for his question. Rissa Long advised that a speed analysis survey could be undertaken along Waterhouse Moor if Councillors were minded to agree it, when revenue spending was considered later in the meeting. If agreed, survey results would be available in around six weeks’ time.


Further to Rissa’s update to the results of the speed analysis survey along Priory Avenue, Mr Potter (the member of the public who had originally asked the Panel to investigate this matter) was in attendance and asked for more detail on the survey results. Rissa agreed to send the survey results to Mr Potter. David Sprunt advised that, as part of the wider M11 Junction 7a proposals, options were being explored to manage traffic flows in this area, including consideration of a ‘no right hand turn’ from Gilden Way into Mulberry Green during rush hour.


Councillor Tony Hall asked a question on behalf of a resident, concerning inconsiderate parking along Kiln Way, in the vicinity of Henry Moore Primary School, Church Langley. Councillor Hall advised that during school drop-off periods, parents choose to park along the road and often obstructed the mini roundabout. Joe McGill advised that amending the Traffic Regulation Order in the immediate vicinity of the mini roundabout would mitigate this problem. The Panel agreed to recommend to the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) that the TRO in this area is amended appropriately.


Essex County Councillor Karen Clempner asked Officers if the zig-zag markings along Tilegate Road, Bush Fair, would be reinstated. Joe McGill advised that this matter would be referred to the NEPP for consideration. Councillor Clempner also asked if traffic flow around the Sainsbury’s supermarket entrance/exit along Fifth Avenue could be investigated, as exceptional congestion had been experienced recently here. David Sprunt advised that recent congestion could likely be attributed to improvement works on the Burnt Mill Roundabout, which are expected to be completed around May 2014.


Update on schemes


Update on schemes approved 2012-13 pdf icon PDF 61 KB


The Panel received a report from Essex County Council on the status of minor schemes previously approved by the Panel for 2012/13. Rissa provided further updates on several of the listed schemes and advised that all schemes were expected to be completed by early 2014/15. Specific attention was paid to the following schemes:


      i.        Minor – Zebra crossing on Paringdon Road in the vicinity of Millwards Primary school – It was confirmed that work on this crossing has commenced. Harlow Councillor Guy Mitchinson thanked all persons who had worked to achieve the crossing, including Officers and Councillors of both Councils, and the Member of Parliament for Harlow.


    ii.        Bus Stop Improvements - The Gatekeeper. Address: Potter Street, London Road, Harlow – it was confirmed that the two works listed for this location are not funded from the Panel’s budget, but are included in the report for information, due to the close proximity of the bus stop to the Harlow boundary.


   iii.        School Crossing Patrol - money allocated for generic works outside schools with safety concerns. Rissa advised that the safety audit of this proposed scheme had identified potential pedestrian flow concerns, and the preferred approach was to carry out educational initiatives to mitigate safety concerns. The Panel indicated their dissatisfaction with this suggested approach, and recommended that the previously agreed barrier scheme be again pursued. Officers advised they would liaise with safety audit engineers to find out what specific problems they had identified with the original scheme.


RESOLVED that the report is noted.


Update on schemes approved 2013-14 pdf icon PDF 57 KB


The Panel received a report from Essex County Council on the status of minor schemes previously approved by the Panel for 2013/14.


RESOLVED that the report is noted.


Potential Scheme List


Summary of schemes for potential consideration in 2014/15 pdf icon PDF 39 KB


The Panel received a report from Essex County Council which included several potential minor schemes for inclusion in Harlow’s draft 2014/15 capital allocation. Comment was offered on the following items:


Item 1 - Southern Way junction with Tillwicks Road. The Panel advised Officers that the correct location of this proposed scheme was the Southern Way junction with Tawneys Road.


In addition to the listed schemes, Councillor Mike Danvers asked that consideration be given to a scheme that would make it easier and safer for traffic exiting the junctions of Momples Road and Maddox Road on to Howard Way.


The Panel affirmed that a refresh of information on how to propose schemes would be helpful.




A     The report is noted, subject to the inclusion of the Howard Way scheme noted above.


B     Officers will re-send information on how to nominate highways schemes to members of the Panel.


Highway Rangers and Revenue expenditure


The Panel agreed to fund speed analysis surveys at locations previously discussed.


Officers advised that an update on the recent work of the Highways Rangers will be brought to the next meeting of the Panel in April 2014.


RESOLVED that funding is approved for speed analysis surveys at


(i)    Waterhouse Moor (2 surveys);

(ii)  Kiln Lane, Church Langley (2 surveys).


Major Capital schemes update


David Sprunt provided a verbal update on a number of major highways schemes:

1)    Improvement works at Burnt Mill Roundabout have been delayed slightly by discovery of a gas main, but are due for completion in May 2014.


2)    The public consultation on the proposed M11 Junction 7a has now finished and its results are being analysed, though an extension to the website consultation has been agreed to compensate for an error which meant some residents were unable to choose a ‘none of the above’ option.


3)    Improvement works to the Clock Tower Roundabout are due to start around May/June 2014.


The Panel drew Officers’ attention to worsening congestion around the ‘hamburger’ roundabout (A414/Southern Way). Councillors suggested that a review of signalling/timing may help to mitigate congestion at the location.


Any other business


Councillor Guy Mitchinson drew the Panel’s attention to serious parking and congestion issues at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH), exacerbated by recent building which had reduced the availability of parking spaces. He asked, whilst it may not be not within the Panel’s remit, if consideration could be given to encouraging PAH to provide a multi-storey car park on site. Councillors recalled that plans for a multi-storey car park had been prepared by the Hospital several years ago, but had been opposed by local residents. The Panel felt that it might be worth revisiting this idea.


Date of next meeting

Wednesday 16 April 2014, 10am in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Harlow.


Wednesday 16 April 2014, 10am in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Harlow.