Agenda and minutes

Harlow Growth Board
Friday, 18th December, 2020 10.00 am

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Introductions and Apologies


Apologies for absence were received from Will Allanson, Tom Dewey, Councillor Tony Durcan and Ann Limb.


Declarations of Interest

Board members to make declarations of interest (if any) in relation to any items on the Agenda in accordance with the Harlow Council Code of Conduct.




Minutes from October 2020 meeting pdf icon PDF 184 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting be agreed.


Register of Interest and Amendment to the Growth Board Terms of Reference


Alison Fox said that members of the Board needed to complete a register of interests form and produce short bio. Any relevant declarations of interest would be required at the beginning of each meeting, and the requirements for making declarations of interest would be aligned with the Council’s Code of Conduct.


This Board’s terms of reference needed to be amended to reflect these changes to declarations of interest.


RESOLVED that the section 4 of the terms of reference be amended to read:




      All Board members are expected to adhere to the Nolan Principles


      Members are required to adhere to Harlow Council’s Code of Conduct, which might change from time to time.


Declarations of Interest


      The Members recognise that it is essential that the business of the Board is conducted in an open and transparent manner.


      Members are required to complete a Register of Interest form which will be updated on an annual basis.  A Register of Interests for the Board will be kept by Harlow Council but it will not be published on the Council website. 


      Members must therefore declare a personal interest in any item on the agenda.


      Declaration involves stating the interest and the nature of the interest.  Once the interest is declared, then a Member may speak on the item but must not vote on it.


Update on the Future High Street Fund and Towns Fund bids


Jane Greer said that further information about the bids was expected early next year.


Overview of proposed programme / project management process for developing the Towns Fund Business Cases


James Gardner gave a presentation (a copy of which was circulated to Board members separately). The governance structure for the Town’s Fund bid would use a MSP approach which would be in line with FHSF and GBF applications. For other grant funded deliveries a different governance structure would be used.


The next steps were to produce the following documents: full programme governance definition; various programme strategies and policies; board memberships and terms of reference; ancillary programme group definitions; and reporting schedule and production type.


For business cases, the treasury template had been selected. This was because it was similar to format used by SELEP and would be recognised by those evaluating the business cases.


The 5 Case model would be used to provide strategic fit, to maximise public value, and to be deliverable. The five cases were: strategic; economic; commercial financial; and management..


Updates from the PHE move to Harlow subgroups


Alison Fox explained that there were three sub-groups. Regarding the S106 and Skills Construction Phase Monitoring Group, the employment scheme had been agreed in October 2019. There was an expected build period  Spring 2021 to March 2025. Steps had already been taken to engage with young people about opportunities arising from the development.


The Skills Sub-group had carried out a lot of activity in the early stages. It was explained that there would be focus on STEM subjects.


The Strategic Group had studied three case studies at its last meeting. These were: Astra Zeneca’s relocation to Cambridge; the BBC’s move to Salford Quays; and NHS Digital Leeds.


It was recommended that an anchor institution was set up to help deal with some of the raised in the case studies. CLARES would be asked to run a workshop for the Board on how to set up an anchor institution.


RESOLVED that a workshop for the Board be arranged on setting up an anchor institution.




Any Other Business


John Keddie explained that Arrow would no longer be participating in the Growth Board.


Future agenda items and future dates of meetings


The next meeting would be deferred from 15 January to 3 February.