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Scrutiny Committee

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Information about Scrutiny Committee

The Scrutiny Committee supports the work of the Cabinet and the Council as a whole. The Scrutiny Committee has no decision-making powers and cannot scrutinise individual regulatory or quasi-judicial issues. Its function is to raise issues for consideration, to examine and scrutinise matters of community interest, to hold the Cabinet to account, and to represent the interests and views of the public. Where appropriate, joint reviews will be undertaken with other organisations.


Terms of reference


1.    To provide the main forum for the Council’s internal and external scrutiny work, focusing on activities that improve outcomes for local people.


2.    To approve an annual overview and scrutiny work programme, including  the programme of any task and finish groups appointed so as to ensure that the Committee’s and task and finish groups' time is effectively and efficiently utilised.


3.    To ensure that referrals from the Scrutiny Committee to the Cabinet, either by way of report or for reconsideration, are managed efficiently.


4.    At the request of the Cabinet to make recommendations about the priority of referrals if the volume of such reports creates difficulty for the management of Cabinet business or jeopardises the efficient running of Council business.


5.    To receive and action requests from the Cabinet and/or the Council for reports.


6.    To have the powers in relation to Cabinet decisions made but not implemented as set out in Section 21(3) of the Local Government Act 2000 (as amended).


7.    To have the power to investigate any matters it considers relevant to its work area, and to make recommendations to the Council, the Cabinet or any other Committee or Sub-Committee of the Council as it sees fit.




1.    Full Council shall appoint the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Committee.


2.    The Chairshall be a member of the Administration and the Vice Chair a member of the Opposition.


The Scrutiny Committee has one permanent Sub-Committee (the Call-In Sub-Committee) which will carry out the internal scrutiny functions of the Scrutiny Committee. This Sub-Committee will be chaired by the Vice Chair of the Scrutiny Committee:


Meetings are open to members of the public, except for when confidential information is being considered.


Members of the public can ask questions at meetings of the Scrutiny Committee.