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Harlow Local Highways Panel

This page lists the meetings for Harlow Local Highways Panel.


Information about Harlow Local Highways Panel

The terms of reference for the Harlow Local Highways Panel are as follows:


Make recommendations to Essex County Council regarding the content relevant highways programmes as they apply to Harlow;


In carrying out this role, have regard to advice from Essex County Council officers on relevant statutory requirements;


Monitor the delivery of the agreed programmes, and raise any concerns with Essex County Council through the agreed procedures; and


Make recommendations to the Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation to amend targets or discretionary policies if this is necessary to meet local priorities.



Meetings are open to members of the public, except when confidential information is being considered.


Members of the public may ask questions at meetings of the Harlow Local Highways Panel. Questions must be provided in writing in advance of the meeting to or delivered to the Civic Centre. However, please be aware that the Panel does not have a remit to consider:


Tree planting

Shrubs and border planting

Maintenance work (e.g. pot-holes)



Questions on any of these subjects are likely to be refused.


Local Highways Panels exist across all districts in Essex. Essex County Council has published a guide with detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of Local Highways Panels, which is available from its website