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Electoral Review Working Group

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Information about Electoral Review Working Group



1.         The Working Group shall comprise of five Members and will be politically proportionate.




2.         The Working Group is established to:


(a)       Oversee and ensure full Member involvement in and support to officers in progressing the review of Council size and the ward boundaries in Harlow by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE).


(b)       To formulate draft recommendations to the Local Government Boundary Commission for consideration by the Council relating to:


(i) the total number of Members of the Council;

(ii)the number and boundaries of electoral wards for the purposes of the election of Councillors; 

(iii) the number of Councillors to be returned by any electoral division; and

(iv) the name of any electoral area.


(c)        To make recommendations to the Council on its future electoral cycle if considered appropriate.


(d)       To advise the Council, in consultation with officers, on proposals relating to any wider “community governance review” of local democratic and electoral arrangements, which emerge that are considered relevant as a result of the current review process.




3. The Council Procedure Rules will apply to meetings of the Working Group insofar as is necessary to ensure the effective and efficient discharge of the functions of the Working Group, as they apply to Committees and Sub-Committees.


4. The Working Group will appoint a Chair and Vice-Chair from amongst its membership.


5. It is agreed that the Working Group will be established on a task and finish basis. Working Group business will cease upon the conclusion of the current electoral review.  




6. The quorum shall be three Members.