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Referral from Scrutiny Committee - Review of Paddling Pools

14/05/2020 - Referral from Scrutiny Committee - Review of Paddling Pools



A     Health and safety issues including staff access to the pump rooms at Norman Booth and Town Park be addressed.


B    Perimeter railings at Town Park paddling pool to prevent water contamination mainly from domestic and wild animals, particularly at times when the pool is ‘closed’ and therefore unsupervised would be installed.


C    On a site-by-site basis, opportunities for the provision of either mobile toilet/changing facilities sited for the duration of the school summer holidays or the provision of permanent toilet/changing facilities where possible would be considered.


D    Internal railings to separate play park equipment from water play at Sumners, Norman Booth and Staple Tye would be installed.


E     A pilot scheme at Staple Tye to introduce toilet and changing facilities, with a new splash park alongside the paddling pool was approved.


F     Detailed timelines and costings in respect of each of the proposals would be provided.