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Joint Finance and Performance Report, Quarter 1 2020/21

11/09/2020 - Joint Finance and Performance Report, Quarter 1 2020/21



A     Cabinet acknowledged the outturn position for the first quarter (April – June) of 2020/21 as follows:


             i)        Financial The forecast as currently predicted is for an in year pressure of £513k driven as a result of the Covid crisis and the impact it has had mainly on the Councils income streams but also as a result of additional costs incurred as a result of the crisis. This will be managed through the year and further updates provided to Cabinet in the normal way.


            ii)        Risk -The report highlights the key corporate risks facing the Council at the current time and inevitably this includes the Covid 19 Crisis and the ongoing impacts it has and continues to have on the Council and the wider town.


           iii)        The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the completion of the Council business and operational performance planning for 2020/21.