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Rolling Infrastructure Fund Memorandum of Understanding

05/11/2021 - Rolling Infrastructure Fund Memorandum of Understanding

RESOLVED that Cabinet agreed:


A     The Memorandum of Understanding relating to The Harlow & Gilston Garden Town Rolling Infrastructure Fund (attached as Appendix A to the report) and agrees its submission to Homes England by the end of November 2021 as required of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Authority partners and specifically Hertfordshire County Council (as accountable body for the Housing Investment Grant funding to which the Memorandum of Understanding relates).


B     To set up and operate the Rolling Infrastructure Fund ‘in principle’ subject to more detailed work and approval of the appropriate governance and operational arrangements for its management.


C     To govern the Rolling Infrastructure Fund initially in accordance with the approved Memorandum of Understanding as required by Homes England as a condition of the Housing Investment Grant funding and subsequently in accordance with any further governance arrangements that may be effected.


D     Delegated authority is provided to the Director of Strategic Growth and Regeneration in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Strategic Growth to agree any minor amendments to the Memorandum of Understanding that arise from the decision making structures of the other four HGGT partners.”