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Housing Revenue Account Outturn Report 2016/17

21/07/2017 - Housing Revenue Account Outturn Report 2016/17

RESOLVED that Cabinet:


A     Acknowledges the HRA outturn for 2016/17 as set out in the report as follows:


             i)        A favourable variation against the original budget adjusted for carryovers on operational/controllable budgets of £1,173,000 representing 2.09 percent of the gross Housing Revenue (HRA) budget.


            ii)        A total projected underspend of £6,784,000 representing 12.08 percent of the gross HRA budget.


B    The balances at 31 March 2017 of £12,975,000 in respect of the Housing Revenue Account and nil in respect of the Major Repairs Reserve are noted.


C    Approve carryovers of £671,000 as detailed in paragraph 32 to meet commitments from 2016/17.


D    Recognises the operational performance that has been achieved across all Council services during 2016/17.