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Capital Programmes, Quarter 1 Finance Report 2017/18

15/09/2017 - Capital Programmes, Quarter 1 Finance Report 2017/18



A     Progress was noted on the delivery of the Council’s Housing and Non-Housing Capital Programmes as at Quarter 1 as follows:


            (i)        Housing Capital Programme – forecast outturn of £22,601,000 (original estimate £18,530,000).


          (ii)        Non-Housing Capital Programme – a forecast outturn of £7,591,000 (original estimate £5,425,000).


B    Approval was given for a revised Housing Capital Programme for 2017/18 outlined in paragraphs 20 and 21 of the report to be realigned to accommodate revised Housing Asset Management priorities.


C    Approval was given for new business cases in respect of the Non Housing Capital Programme:


            (i)        To install new air conditioning (£12,000) at Mead Park Depot as part of the Health and Safety works agreed with HTS Ltd and funded from the contribution from Kier Harlow following the end of the Kier Harlow Contract. (Outlined in Annex A14 to the report).


          (ii)        A supplementary estimate of £100,000 in respect of the Hummingbird Pub (approved by Cabinet on 20 July 2017).