Issue - decisions

Treasury Management Strategy 2018/19

26/01/2018 - Treasury Management Strategy 2018/19

RESOLVED that it was recommended to Full Council that:


A     The proposed revised Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2018/19 (attached as Appendix A) be approved for implementation with immediate effect, including specifically:


              i.        The Prudential Indicators (set out in Annex C of the Statement).


            ii.        The Treasury Management Indicators (set out in paragraphs 65 to 69 of the Statement).


           iii.        The Borrowing Strategy (set out in paragraphs 26 to 38).


           iv.        The Investment Strategy (set out in paragraphs 39 to 61).


            v.        The Minimum Revenue Provision Statement (Annex D of the Statement).


           vi.        The reporting arrangements (Annex E of the Statement).