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Support local private hire and taxi drivers

We the undersigned petition the council to provide support for the local private hire and taxi drivers to enable us to carry out our vital function in providing a safe transport service for key and essential workers as well as the general public. The Covid-19 pandemic has decimated our trade causing record number of drivers leaving the trade whilst the remaining ones are struggling to survive. The government has provided limited financial support but very strict eligibility rules meant many missed out on this support. We request the council to implement the following measures: 1) Help with the cost of making our vehicles safe for the traveling public as well as our members by providing funding for protective screens and other measures 2) Financial assistance in the form of grants 3) Reduction of all licensing fees during this crisis

The local private hire and taxi industry provide a vital service in the community and the collapse of this trade will be to the detriment of the whole community. Authorities throughout the UK are helping their local cabbies by providing cash grants and meeting the cost of making vehicles safe. The government has reiterated many times that they have made funding available for this purpose to local authorities and they can provide discretionary financial assistance to those businesses and trades in their area who have been hardest hit due to the ongoing lockdown.

We have approached Harlow Council on numerous occasions, unfortunately they have not responded to our pleas for help. The neighbouring authorities of Basildon and Chelmsford have allocated cash grants to all of their drivers.

We are all in this together and are not asking for special treatment, we would like a fair and equitable consideration for help to which our colleagues working in neighbouring areas have been granted.

Thank You

This ePetition ran from 26/01/2021 to 09/06/2021 and has now finished.

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