Committee details

Licensing Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


Function to consider any matters referred to it by the Licensing Committee or Officers in relation to functions conferred upon the Council as The Licensing Authority.


Terms of Delegation


1.    Except in relation to the Statement of Licensing Policy to discharge all functions conferred upon the Council as The Licensing Authority where:


(a)  Applications on which objections have been received in the stipulated time span, which cannot be resolved through negotiation or the imposition of conditions supported by Officers.


(b)  Applications submitted by or on behalf of any Councillor, their spouse or partner or any officer of the Council their spouse or partner.


(c)  Any other matter that officers believe should rightly be referred for a decision to be made.


2.    To progress actions arising from the Crime & Disorder Strategy that may be referred to it for consideration.


3.    To report on an annual basis to Full Council decisions taken.


Any other matters relating to the functions of the Licensing Authority that may be referred to it.


Meetings are open to members of the public, except for when confidential information is being considered.


Contact information

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